Young Money front man Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. better known simply as Lil Wayne AKA Weezy who is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana has been caught up in his own scandal after a 3 some sex tape is being shopped around. This is not the first threesome sex tape to go live and surely will not be the last, however the two females in the video are smoking hot and really know how to handle business. This reminds us of the 2Pac tapes that leaked back in the day as it is the same situation… naked rapper with joint in hand gets serviced by groupies and from what history tells us this happens all the time in the music biz.

The tape shows Lil Wayne wearing just his socks and 2 smoking hot girls laying Wayne back and taking care of business for the rap mogul. There is a ton of playing, sucking and yes f**king in the video that clearly shows that it is in fact Lil Wayne in the tapes without a question. Wayne himself said he had no idea he was being recorded and has threatened to sue anyone that posts the video footage. The video is very clear and filmed on a high definition device there is some video bounce but overall great quality. Lil Wayne is not new to sex tape scandals as there has been about 4 girls come forward with video said to be of them having sex with the rapper, but the most talked about tape that is constantly searched is that of his very close buddy Nicki Minaj though those sex video rumors where put to bed by us (no pun intended).

[UPDATE] – Weezy’s reps have gone on record , “We’ll sue the hell out of them,” Them being anyone who publicly posts the videos. But as we all know by now what celeb has not said that after a scandal broke of a possible leak. lol

[UPDATE] – There has been video going around said to be Lil Wayne with Ashlee Monroe who he dated back in 2012. The video shows what is said to be the couple having sex with another female in a hotel room. Lil Wayne seems to be getting around as this is now like the 4th or 5th tape of Weezy being talked about.

[UPDATE] – Lil Wayne’s attorneys have finally fired off a cease and desist letter to the Hollywood Street Kings blog requesting the removal of his threesome sex tape with his stripper “friends” that propped their cell phone on a desk recording the rapper getting down and dirty with them wearing nothing but his socks. We question why he took so long in doing so as most the time it is done the same day tapes are discovered and under the DMCA rules he only had to give them 24hrs but in legal documents it is giving them 5 days.

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