American actress, artist, narrator, and film producer Lucy Alexis Liu has been caught up in her very own scandal after reports surfaced of a new video titled simply the Lucy Liu sex tape video that hit the net and has been watched on a mass level.

The video shows Chinese descent Lucy Liu or someone that looks a lot like the sexy superstar born in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York having sex with what is said to be New York Billionaire art collector Noam Gottesman. The video shows what is said to be the couple at a local resort in Hawaii messing around drinking some wine in some ery plush white robes and then Lucy ends up going down on him and flashing her stuff at him while a camera was rolling the entire time. The video was said to have been a set up from someone with access to the hotel room as either party had no idea they where being filmed.

The couple admittedly denies the sex tapes authenticity however as we well know by now they all do in the beginning. There have also been reports that the hotel was under investigation stemming from the video that was said to be Lucy Lui and her man.

Calls to Lucy Liu’s rep have so far not been returned, though she was asked about the sex tapes at the airport and she had “no comment at this time.”

[UPDATE] – A new video of what appears to be Lucy Liu having sex with an un-known blonde male at a local beach was all caught on video from paparazzi in the area and the video is featured from the time they get their and do their thing, hang out a bit and then leave. We have seen the video and she looked very happy indeed.

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