Famous for being a “Teen Mom” Mackenzie McKee does in fact have a sex tape and sources say the video is down right nasty xxx stuff. The reality show Teen Mom seems to push out more than babies as this is not the first sex tape to come from one of the girls that starred on the reality show about teen pregnancy, as we have all seen the Farrah Abraham sex tapes by now. Anyways, some top porn production and distribution companies got there hands on video from the tapes as a teaser to buy the rights. Mackenzie caught wind of the tapes and has hired some bull dog attorneys saying anyone that post the video without her consent will get there asses handed to them in court. Hmm… seems they all start out this way now… wouldn’t you agree.

The tape shows Mackenzie engaged in sexual acts with what we are being told is in fact Josh McKee her current husband of two years and features the couple doing all the normal things couples do from blow jobs to doggy style booty bouncing. Our source says “It is a good tape you can see them both plain as day going at it like a couple rabbits in heat and they are both in really good shape”. Well I am sure we shall see for ourselves very soon and we are sure with her cheer leading background it should be top notch. This is a developing story so bare with us while we get all the facts.

[UPDATE] – Our sources where correct as usual, the sex tape content is confirmed of Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh McKee. Josh has commented and agrees with his woman Mackenzie that if anyone leaks the tapes they will sue. Like we said though, what tape has not had this same exact cycle of events? We also put in calls to the production company of Teen Mom but thus far they have not replied with any comment.

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