That’s right! We found the video that everyone has been looking for… the Madonna sex tape video stash that has been hunted for, for several years now after reports of the videos first surfaced in the 90’s.

Madonna get’s naked and very freaky in this homemade video of Madonna and a few of her close personal f**k buddies, the video was taken sometime in the 80’s and she does not hold back, this is a must see for any Madonna fan! Her partners are an un-known black male and female that treat Madonna like a complete queen in the bedroom completing any desire she wishes them to do. There is also video of the worlds most well known female musician giving a blowjob to a Latino man that was on her dance crew while partying with them on a bus. She plain as day just pulls it out and starts sucking on it like nothing happened, simply stunning.

We are still waiting on the Madonna & A-Rod sex tape to go live and you can bet we will have it first!

Calls to Madonna’s reps of course have not been returned, she is the music industries power pop star… right?! heh