Uh Oh, seems like one of Japan’s most famous celebs has been caught up in a “major concern” according to reports after the Maki Horikita sex tape hit the web.

Maki Horikita’s amazing beauty is extremely popular in bustling Japan. It’s almost impossible not to see a picture of her during your day in Tokyo, as she permeates TV, print, billboards, buses, taxis etc. etc. In fact, she is the face of an ad campaign for the Tokyo Metro and all over the Tokyo subways, for everyone to admire her sheer beauty during their cramped morning commute.

The tape leaked just a few days ago, but we wanted to double check the sources before we reported on it. What we found, is that Maki had made the sex tape with a lover that she had prior to getting married to actor Koji Yamamoto. The video features Maki naked on top of the unknown male, grinding away and making little funny squeaky noises. lol The video shows the couple having sex from a recording device placed on a desk pointing at the bed, so you get the whole view of them without any covers on. The video quality is very good with a run time of about 12 min. The video was said to have hit after she was blackmailed and the deal went south. So the guy/girl that had the video, leaked it like they said they would if they did not get paid to keep it quite.

We have put out calls to Maki’s reps but have not yet heard back from them on this recent Asian scandal.

[UPDATE] – Sources confirm that Maki is claiming the girl in the video is not her, however those that have watched the video say there is no doubt. This could get nasty as the laws in Japan are very strict on this type of scandal. Not like the United States, where a good celeb sex tape can launch your career in the atmosphere like the Kim K Superstar tape did in 2007 for Kim Kardashian.