Manny Pacquiao boxing world champ has been busted with his very own exposed videos featuring a high class prostitute from the Philippines according to recent reports creating the Manny Pacquiao sex tape video.

The sex tapes of Manny Pacquiao show the world champion boxer getting freaky with not his wife Maria Geraldine “Jinkee” Jamora from the Philippines but a local high class prostitute named Donna. The video features Manny drinking with a few girls in a local night club and then the video switches to a lavish hotel room with no other than the hooker “Donna”. At this point is where the video is said to get good as this girl takes care of one very nude Manny for about 30 minutes doing everything that is normally done on a good celebrity sex tape.

The boxer has been known to be a bit of a playboy, partying with A-List celebs in the states all the time. There is also nude photo’s of Manny and Maria that leaked a short time after this scandal broke.

Calls to Pacquiao reps have not been returned.

[UPDATE] – The video has been verified real by members of Manny’s crew and we are told that there is several more sex tapes of the professional boxer with many more women.

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