There has been a ton of rumors flying around lately about a Margot Robbie sex tape video, so we dedicated an entire week to see what we could dig up, and you may like what we found.

There is of course all the normal bull shit sites like PornHub, Xvideos, XNXX, MediaTakeOut etc etc. claiming to have the Margot Robbie sex tape, that turns out to be nothing more than sex scenes from one of her movies, like the Wolf of Wallstreet, or photo shopped heads on some porn star as usual. Not sure why anyone even goes to those sites for naked celeb scandals, as they are always fake bull shit.

However, we have found some very good nude images that leaked via the ICloud hacking scandal of 2014 labeled “The Fappening”, that show Margot Robbie along with all the other 1000’s of celebs involved in the scandal like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski etc etc etc.

There is also video of what is said to be Margot with her man Tom Ackerley in a London flat, filmed after a night out on the town. The tape was said to have been leaked from a stolen laptop. We took a look at the video, and though the couple in the video does look very much like Margot and Tom, the quality is very poor and pixelated (We think done on purpose) and difficult to confirm its authenticity. We have a hard time believing the tape is in fact the couple as with today’s recording devices there should be no reason for such poor quality video. The funny thing about this video, is that the “seller” contacted us in the past trying to sell the rights for $500k, and of course because we could not confirm identities, we passed. However, we ended up getting the full video anyways.

[UPDATE] – Tom was asked flat out about the sex tape making rounds said to be him with Margot Robbie, and he replied: “my laptop was stolen, but there was no sex tape of Margot or myself on there and the video is bogus”. Now, we have heard this before from celebs that get busted, but we tend to agree and believe Tom on this one.

[UPDATE] – CJ just leaked a tape said to be Margot and her ex lover Henry Aitken. They are saying that Henry had sent the video to a couple friends after a drunk night of partying, and then one of those confirmed friends sold the tape to CJ. The video quality is very good and lighting is good. You can barely make out the faces, however the tape is almost all doggy style, so you are looking at the back of what is said to be Robbie’s head the entire time. On a side note, the girl in the video also sounds like Margot. Just sayin’ lol