This Mariah Carey Sex Tape Video scandal is a juicy one for sure as supposedly Mariah cheated on husband Mottola with shortstop baseball star for the Yankees Derek Jeter.

The story goes like this a very young Carey met Derek while at a benefit for the “Fresh Air Fund” while she’s was still married to Mottola… newspapers begin to question if Carey and Jeter are more than just friends as there was many times they where seen together very close. Mariah always said that they where just friends… Well shortly after her divorce from Mottola and breakup with Derek a video showing what appears to be Mariah and Derek leaked to the net of the two having sex on tape while she had on her wedding ring.

Mariah is now married to Nick Cannon and seems to be happy, but her thug life past does seem to bite her in that big o’ booty all the time as she was known to hang out with the “wrong” type of crowd putting her in unusual situations at times.

Calls to Mariah’s rep have never been returned on the sex tape and cheating. We pretty much figured this one. However, Mariah did finally fess up stating “Yes I was romantically involved with Derek while still married to Mottola”

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