You asked for it and we got it, here is the Marilyn Monroe sex tape video film of what is said to be Marilyn Monroe currently being shopped around for 5 million dollars most recently. Unfortunately for the seller he sent a copy to a pirate thinking that the guy was a legitimate buyer. Yet, another reason to go through me if you ever come across footage like this!

Anyways, We can’t say if it is Marilyn or not, the sex tape is said to be of her before she became famous and lost her weight however we can say without a doubt it does look just like her.

The video run time is about 10 min and was originally filmed on 8mm tape that had been re-formatted to DVD. The video features everything you can expect ti find from a sex tape filmed in this time period however the masturbation scene with the vintage vibrator is classic!

This video is a must see for any fan of Marilyn for sure and if you have any comments on the video please let us know.

[UPDATE] – There is also video of what is said to be Marilyn with JFK, you can not see his face only his hand but he does have on the exact same type of wedding ring that JFK used to wear… crazy s**t!