Voted as one of the sexiest men on the planet Matthew McConaughey is the most recent busted celebrity in his very own Matthew McConaughey sex tape video according to recent reports and there is said to be more than just one in the library.

As we had previously reported a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz was supposedly filmed and leaked by the cell phone repair man that had fixed a broken screen on McConaughey’s cell phone. The video shows the couple getting down and dirty on what appears to be the deck of Matthew’s home in Austin, Tx. Well, after investigating those claims 2 other sex tapes popped up from random sources with local girls from his home town in Austin. The first features a very young looking blond that Matthew had said to have met down on 6th street in downtown Austin and after a hard night of drinking she with a couple girlfriends ended back at Matthews house for a “nightcap” that went down in his bathroom. Then in the second video recorded in Abu Dhabi McConaughey or someone that looks a hell of a lot like his ass can be seen having sex with a stunning local woman that looks like a full blown supermodel. In the video that appears to have been filmed without his knowledge the two are talking, laughing and living it up and proceed to go at it after the two are very comfortable looking.

Calls to Matthew McConaughey’s reps about the 3 different sex tapes have not been returned and when he was asked by paparazzi about the last one caught in Abu Dhabi, he just shrugged his shoulders with what was said to be an oh well look on his face.

[UPDATE] – Matthew McConaughey recently married Brazilian model and television performer Camila Alves whom he met in 2007 and now most recently have been spitting out kids like an atm machine, see we told you he was a fertile stud born and bred for breading!

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