If you are looking for the most nastiest hardcore celebrity sex tape of all time it now falls under the Michelle McGee sex tape video and her multiple sex tapes with her very friendly “f**k buddies”.

Michelle does things on tape only women with the most confidence sexually will even think to attempt. There is parts of the sex tapes that are so extreme they can not even be released as the USA has deemed it illegal to release. We are talking chains, whips, pain and suffering etc. just some very crazy wild s**t. We must say that we have never seen a sex tape like this EVER! There is also videos of what appears to be Michelle with her ex-man Jesse James as we all know by now Jesse is a freak and has slept with just about every woman he has had any kind of meeting with.

So if you are daring, take a look and see for yourself how Michelle was able to get all those tattoos so easily LOL! There is several parts in these sex tapes that feature very large toys and anal play that would make any gay man cringe ;)

Calls to Michelle’s tattoo shop have not been returned and we where told to “piss off” LOL.