Native of the Dominican Republic, American actress made famous for her mind blowing body, looks and take no s**t attitude in blockbuster movies like The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil and S.W.A.T. Michelle Rodriguez has been according to recent reports busted from a video she made with Colin Farrell creating the Michelle Rodriguez sex tape video we have all been patiently waiting for!

Colin is no stranger to sex tapes after video of him and Nicole leaked and he tried like crazy to have the video removed from the net to no avail as we all know once a video hits the net there is absolutely no way to remove them all (Colin finally ended giving up his fight to remove the videos). Well, now reports are stating that a video of Colin and Michelle have also been made available for download filmed sometime in 2002 in his bedroom and the public just can’t seem to get enough of the video as it has hit the #1 download for the last 3 months. Michelle and Colin seem to be extremely intoxicated and the video run time is around 30 min, set up the same way Colin had recorded Nicole, hell it may even be the same camcorder! LOL

Calls to Michelle’s reps have not been returned and we already know how Colin feels about sex tapes being leaked as all the legal trouble he went through on the first one with Nicole that leaked to the net.

[UPDATE] – Michelle was recently asked about her video with Colin and she stated to the paparazzi: “Yes I was seeing Colin around that time and we did some crazy things together, did we make a sex tape together?… I am not going to reply to that either way as it is in the past and I only focus on the future.” Well said Michelle, well said. ;)

[UPDATE] – Those who are hoping that Michelle Rodriguez is in fact bisexual as many have thought due to comments made by Kristanna Loken, we have some great news… she is in fact bisexual and stated so to local media today after a recent sex tape rumor hit with Michelle and Cara Delevingne getting it on in late 2014.

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