Model and Big Brother Mexico star Michelle Vieth appears in a compromising video that is Mexico’s Michelle Vieth sex tape video .

The Michelle Vieth sex tape video is said to be from her honeymoon, which she alleges surfaced on the Web following her divorce. Michelle’s body is a perfect work of art with skin so smooth you would think it was a brand new paint job… Nice tan lines!!! The video features Vieth for about 20min having sex with her new husband on their honeymoon doing just about everything you could imagine for the entire 20min. There was also video leaked of Michelle sucking on her new hubby at the beach they where staying at while by-standards are walking by the entire time, it seemed as though she could care less that they where being watched the entire time. Michelle was also one of the favorites on the show Big Brother because she was constantly walking around half naked and several times flashed her nana and tatas to the production team.

Calls to Michelle’s reps where returned: “Yes the girl in the videos is Michelle and that is all we have to say right now”. Short and sweet just how we like it!