Little sister of world famous swimsuit model Mimi Elle MacPherson became popular for her sisters name and the Mimi MacPherson sex tape video that was exposed on the internet. The video at first was said to not be true however after the leak and people could see that it was Mimi for sure she ended up changing her story and admitting to the videos authenticity.

In the Mimi MacPherson sex tape video Mimi really takes care of her man and loves to play with her own junk at the same time… we like that about any girl. In the videos you see Mimi do just about everything to her man after what seems to be a day at the beach as she was a little burned around the bum area.

Interesting fact Mimi’s little sister criticized her big sister big time for constantly posing nude in several magazine spreads stating that a woman’s body should only bee seen by herself, Dr’s and her husband. Hmmm way one up her little sis! DOH!

Calls to Mimi’s reps have not been returned as of yet, but we have hope!

[UPDATE] – Mimi had even more content leak other than the original 20min video as about 45min more content hit the net and was a bit more hardcore.