English and American film, television, and stage actress, and occasional fashion model Mischa Anne Marsden Barton has been known to get in a bit of trouble from time to time and now she could very well be best known for the Mischa Barton sex tape video that according to sources is said to be a knockout.

The video was taken around 2007-2008 and features ex-boyfriend musician and former front-man for the band Whitestarr Cisco Adler in a very nice motel located somewhere in the U.K. The couple recorded themselves smoking some marijuana and getting their drink on that soon leads to Mischa going down on the rocker for about 15min. Cisco has been known to date some hot ass chicks but we must say that Mischa has got to be one of the best looking he has ever had and will probably ever have for the rest of his life for that matter and the man should feel like a god for having video of him getting some head from Mischa.

Calls to Mischa’s reps have not been returned however her ex-boyfriend that is supposedly in the video was asked by paparazzi in the U.K. about the videos and he said that if there is video of the couple getting it on he did not take or leak the video intentionally. We have to say… Huh? LOL

[UPDATE] Yet another sex tape said to be Mischa Barton has hit, and this time there is according to several reputable sources no doubt that it is her. The video has a run time of about 35min and features Mischa in pretty much every position known to man, with a clear view of her face. The tape was shopped around to sites like PornHub etc. but has at some point been leaked from the original source that was looking to get 500k for the content. Note to self, when shopping a sex tape porn video, make sure you only send still images of the video. lol Mischa has had a pretty rough last year or so with her backyard breakdown caught on film, and now this nasty little sex tape. Though as they say in Hollywood, a sex tape never hurts your image, it can only help keeping you in the public eye. Just look at Kim Kardashian.

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