Ok… If you don’t know yet Myla dated Kris Humphries following his failed marriage with Kim Kardashian who is super famous for the Kim K Superstar sex tape top download of all time and the press like TMZ (who seems to be in bed with Vivid) was all over how much Myla looked like Kim K. Kris met Myla while she was working in New York’s Gansevoort Park Hotel as the hostess with the mostess.

In the fall of 2013 Myla Sinanaj made a staged sex tape for Vivid who in our opinion loves trying to dupe people with staged sex tapes and charging extra to see other tapes when they have a new one. Anyways, the video is basically a full blown porn featuring everything you would expect to see in a full blown porn shot to pretend it was a legitimate sex tape. Myla and the dude have sex, do a bunch of oral, little bit of anal and she even breaks out a Hitachi Wand that she goes to town with. We still don’t understand how women can take those things… I mean really, have you ever seen how hard and fast they vibrate?… it’s totally insane. As far as the video goes, yes we will say it was good and worth a look… but keep in mind it is completely staged and well that type of stuff just drives us nuts. When will these celebs learn to do it without these big adult companies being involved.

Calls to Myla’s reps were not needed as the tape is a staged sex tape and not worth our time to get a comment. ;)

[UPDATE] – There is more sex tape footage of Myla that is going around that thank god is said to be the real deal and not some staged bull s**t. The tape in question is said to feature Myla with a un-known white male that was shot before all the Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian scandal. There we go now we are talking! We also have to admit, the girl does look a lot like a young Kim K, that booty is simply amazing!

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