Indonesian Rock star Nazril Irham, better known as Ariel has now broke into the celebrity sex tape circle with the Nazril Irham sex tape video with Luna Maya as his co-star.

Two separate videos showing the 28-year-old in bed with Luna Maya having sex for about 12min. Then a second eight-minute video emerged, purportedly showing Ariel with a former girlfriend, Cut Turi, also a well-liked model and television presenter. The videos where leaked by an un-known male that was trying to blackmail Nazril as this type of behavior could land him in jail. Ultimately though Nazril is now sitting in jail because of the sex tapes as in his country it is deemed illegal behavior. OUCH!

The videos are pretty damn good to and as soon as people started to see them the government knocked on his door and supposidly found even more footage of the superstar with several other women including a couple politicians girlfriends which probably added to him being put in the pokey.

We where unable to contact Nazril directly but his PR team said that “Nazril has made some bad choices and will now be paying for those choices with his freedom for the next 4 years unfortunately.”

[UPDATE] – Because of the Ariel Peterporn Tape local police have started to raid internet cafes and have school administrators check students’ cell phones for the sex videos to not “further embarrass the country”.