Trinidadian born American rapper, singer, songwriter, voice actress and media personality Onika Tanya Maraj or better known for her stage name Nicki Minaj supposedly made a nasty little adult video for some cash when she was broke and made before she hit it big in the hip hop music industry according to recent reports creating a Nicki Minaj full sex tape porn video frenzy! But wait, let us break down all the gossip for you.

The videos with a run time of 22min features Nicki Minaj errr someone that looks a hell of a lot like her with some older white guy all recorded on a high quality handheld camcorder by a third person in the room with perfect lighting (seems very professional). The tape includes the normal sextape type stuff… a little oral on both parts and then going to town doggy style with a full hooray finish. Nicki still denies the video is of her and we believe her from what we saw in the tapes. This scandal is huge news as searching for “Nicki Minaj Sex Tape” hit about 200,000 searches per minute when the story first surfaced and damn near broke our servers. LOL

Calls to Nicki’s reps have not been returned though she has gone on record saying that “There was a point in my life that I struggled, did I make the sex tapes in question? Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t”.

[UPDATE] – It seems a new tape of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj that was filmed in 2009 is being shopped around. A group of men from New Orleans are selling the video, and they gave a a few select sites a private screening. The video, we were told was taken by none other than her good buddy Lil Wayne. There have been a ton of sites trying to play that they have the real tape showing a still image of the new Minaj music video at about 2:18 called High School with Lil Wayne, so don’t be fooled by that bull s**t. The “real” sex tape in question was said to be circulated among’st Weezy’s boys and found its way into the hands of some folks asking for a price of only $150,000 BONES! (US dollars) If it really is Nicki they should ask for 10 times that amount, hell give it to us right now and we will cut you a check for 1M no questions asked. ;)

[UPDATE] – Nicki was asked about the video of her and Lil Wayne and she replied: “Lil Wayne is a close friend of mine and we are comfortable doing anything together. other than that I have no comment on the issue” Nice! She was also asked about any tapes and what she thought about Kim Kardashian hitting the number one most downloaded porn ever. “I think it is what it is and for everyone to decide for themselves why she is famous and come to their own conclusions” *wink* Then she was asked if she believed she could beat Kim for the most downloads ever and she said: “Baby, you have no idea” with another *wink*. Seems like cash money is doing all good with or without a sextape in the house.

[UPDATE] – Someone is claiming to be Safaree Samuels on Twitter and leaking a ton of never before seen nude photos of Nicki meant for Safaree only. Safaree though is saying he has nothing to do with the naked photos going public but Nicki seems to feel different about the entire situation since the pics where only sent to her ex man. The unknown “leaker” is also saying that he has a never before seen sex tape of Nicki and will be sharing it as well very soon. This is going to get crazy!

[UPDATE] – Tons of sites are recently claiming that there is a real Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill sex tape video out there that has leaked recently, featuring the power couple having sex on camera. We have searched far and wide and figured out that as usual those sites are all full of s**t. The images being shown are from her video all eyes on you featuring Meek and Nicki in the video as we have posted above for you as an example. We do have quality information through from a reliable source that was at the making of the video that Meek & Nicki disappeared during filming and when they came back she had to redo her makeup. Seems to us the power couple had to sneak away for a bit to make the video real! The amount of bull s**t though out there is amazing and what’s even more amazing is that Google is ranking all those crap sites showing complete bull s**t at the top as usual. It’s hard to be the real deal but get no love from the king of search engines. Oh well, we will keep chugging along providing only the real sex tape news!

[UPDATE] – Shit just got real after The Game seems to have leaked a sex tape of himself with Nicki. The video quality is very good and shows Nicki for sure, no question. The Game and Meek Mill have been at each others throats and The game is “showing a ni**a what’s up, by also taunting Meek Mill on social media with pictures of The Game and Nicki together, saying: “The Last Time Nicki Held A Real NI**A!!!” Finally!

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