American model and actress and Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain was caught up in a naughty video with Hollywood celeb Colin Farrell that sources say she leaked herself creating the Nicole Narain sex tape video frenzy and Colin is pissed.

The video has a run time of around 30 min and starts off with the then couple walking around but naked laughing and having a good time, then Colin goes over to the camcorder and adjusts the settings to get a better shot of what he was about to do to Nicole. After adjusting the camera he walks over to a very sexy Nicole and proceeds to pleasure her with some oral sex for about 5min and after she is all hot and primed Colin then starts having sex with her (very well we might add) and she loves every single minute of it. The couple broke up in 2004 and the video came out shortly after that by what is said to be the hands of Nicole herself.

Calls to Nicole’s reps have been returned: “Yes the sex tapes and of Nicole and Colin and Nicole does not deny the tapes authenticity but is adamant that she did not leak the videos, they where stolen from her position”. Hmmm, good for us ;)

[UPDATE] – Nicole has been busted with more nude content of what is said to be Nicole and Britney Spears ex-man Kevin Federline filmed sometime in 2007 with the video showing Nicole going down on Kevin while he records the blow job on his cell phone with a joint in the other hand. Damn must be nice… lucky f**ker.

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