That’s right Jersey Shore’s “Snooki” real name Nicole Polizzi Snooki sex tape video is said by reports to have been made available for download on the net showing Snooki drunk off her ass blowing some random guy after a slamming party on the Jersey Shore show. There is also video of Snooki with Vinnie from when the two hooked up as well, however they are under the covers the entire time wich was boring at best watch Vinnie grind away at Snooki.

The video shows what appears to be Snooki giving an un-named male a blow job and then proceeds to take him in the bedroom to finish the job. The chick in the video is drunk as can be the entire time and we must say as far as a BJ goes we understand why the guy wanted to just have sex already! LOL The reality show is well known for sex as every single night is a party in Jersey, there is about 20 or so videos showing sexual encounters from the show that did not make it to main stream media.

This is not the first Jersey Shore exposed content that has leaked there has been a few and we are sure there will be many more to come as everyone is hooking up with each other it seems every single day. So all you Jersey Shore fans this is a must see, yes there is sex on tape but watching this chick being that drunk trying to have sex is just funny.

Calls to Nicole’s reps or MTV have not been returned as of yet but we can’t wait to hear what they have to say! LOL

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