All you wrestling fans out there need to listen up as it seems Nikki Bella has been starting to come clean with the truth about a previous marriage that she had before her relationship with WWE stud John Cena because of a sex tape made with her ex-boyfriend that she is worried is going to leak anytime now. If you do not know who Nikki is… her real name is Nicole Garcia Colace and she has a twin that goes by the ring name of Brie Bella (Brianna Monique Danielson) and they are a tag team with the WWE under the name “The Bella Twins”. Nikki herself though is the reigning two-time WWE Divas Champion and is one of the main stars of the reality television show “Total Divas”. They have both enjoyed a very good career so far with the professional wrestling, modeling and acting.

Story goes like this… Nikki got married to her teen sweetheart in Las Vegas and was with him for almost 3 years but never told anyone and ended up getting an annulment. However, she became extremely famous after that and started dating WWE superstar and actor John Cena. Nikki then gets wind that a sex tape starring her and her ex-husband is going to leak, so before this happens she comes clean in an interview and tells the entire story on the show Total Divas. The tapes were supposedly filmed in the couples apartment and there is over 3 hours worth of video from different sessions that include full on sexual encounters over the period of the few years they were together. Individuals that are saying to have seen the tapes mention a part were Niki ends up squirting from a 30 minute rough dildo f**king session with a huge black dildo. We are curious what John Cena is going to do when the videos leak and he sees the squirting scene. lol

We have put in calls to both the WWE and the producers of the Total Divas show but have yet to hear back.

[UPDATE] – Nikki was asked about the tapes of her and her ex-husband by local paparazzi that has also caught wind of the clips and she replied that “If there is nude video of me that leaks, I will spare no expense to find out who leaked the videos and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law”. Seems like we have heard this very same response time and time again but ex-boyfriends don’t give a s**t about that, luckily for us.

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