Puerto Rican pop star Noelia Monge is embroiled in scandal after a sex tape reportedly showing Noelia having sex with an extremely well hung black ex-boyfriend on tape and was recently posted as the Noelia Monge sex tape video interracial spice at its best.

The Noelia Monge sex tape video was sold by the jealous (extremely well hung, we might add) ex-boyfriend after the couple broke up and he was all butt hurt about it. The masturbation scene and the *gulp* (ouch) anal on the sex tape video is priceless as Noelia basically sits on the guy and jams his stuff up her booty! The video run time is about 15min long and full blown the entire time with no rest for the weary. The minute the video hit the net it was a huge success within the Spanish community as pretty much anyone that knew of Noelia was downloading the full video as quick as they could.

Calls to Noelia’s reps have not been returned thus far… our only question though really is how the hell she took that big ol’ black thing in her bum. LOL!

[UPDATE] – This was not the only set of tapes that Noelia had, she had about 2 other ones with the same bbc dude that just recently also where released. The woman is talented for sure ;)

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