Playboy Playmate Mexican-American model Olga Loera is the most recent celebrity caught up in her very own leaked homemade sex tape video scandal, after video said to be Olga and her ex businessman lover John Gray hit. Olga is quickly becoming very popular in Hollywood as of late, getting so many gigs that she had to start turning some down due to not enough time in the day, not bad for a girl that started her career in hair and makeup. Olga is widely known for her amazing body and HUGE “eyelashes” lol, as well as jet setting with several famous celebs from around the globe.

The video in question shows a very sleek and sexy Olga and John on a vacation sometime around 2013-2015 getting it on like a couple of rabbits. Many where hoping the video would be Olga with Pitbull, however we can confirm it was not Pitbull, looking more like John for sure. The couple seemed to be on vacation somewhere tropical not in the US due tot he fact of the scenery in the video portion made before the couple get it on. The video of the couple before the sex is 100% for sure Olga & John, however the sex scene we are not that sure about, yes it does look very much like them, but we just con’t confirm at this time.

We have put in calls to Olga’s reps and so far have not heard anything back. John on the other hand has released a statement saying that “I am not the one who released any video of myself and Olga, I would never do anything like that to her.” Well, there ya go another male denies letting the video “leak” up and down. We will of course see how this one plays out.

The same individual that was said to have leaked the original video, is also saying he has another video of Olga with an unknown male all caught on security camera. As soon as we receive the footage, we will of course let you know.