The Olivia Mojica sex tape video is real and could be the most extreme and most wanted celebrity sex tape ever made! For those who don’t know Olivia she was a finalist on American Idol with that girl next door feel and the voice of an angle and was one of the front runners as far as popularity with the crowds and people watching at home.

Well a sex tape leaked to the internet featuring Olivia doing things in the bedroom you usually have to pay for because your wife or gf wont do them. LOL Olivia takes care of some young UN-named stud in ways that actually boggle the mind.

The video in question was sealed by attorneys for Olivia and her legal team went crazy trying to stop the video from cycling on the net, though they obviously missed a few copies and as we all know by now… once a video hits the net for even a split second, forget about it. If you think Olivia is cute as a button and love American Idol sex tape videos this is a must see for sure. Vivid Celeb tried to get their greedy little hands on it to license the video but it leaked before they had a chance.

Calls to Olivia’s reps where returned and they said: “Olivia has moved on from that part of her life and would like to not be reminded of those lacks of judgment.” Hey, Olivia… we ain’t mad at you but damn you could have been bigger than Kim Kardashian if you played your cards right. Kim remains the most downloaded porn video of all time, that could have been you Olivia!

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