American actress and fashion model Olivia Wilde who is best known to all us geeks around the planet as Quorra in the blockbuster movie Tron, may have very well given geeks everywhere the biggest present of them all with the Olivia Wilde sex tape video that is said to be one wild ride and made before she was famous for her Tron part.

The video said to have been leaked by her ex-husbdand Italian-American documentary filmmaker Tao Ruspoli features 36min of the couple on their honeymoon after getting married in an abandoned school bus if you can believe that. Video run time is 18min shot sometime in 2003 when she was only 19 years old and taken with what is said to be Tao’s cell phone… you can hear a voice say I want to remember this day forever, you are so beautiful… ask and though shalt receive! When they where asked about getting married in the school bus prior to the leak of the video and the break up, they said: “It was the only place we could seem to get some privacy” Yeah that seemed to have work out nicely. LOL

Calls to Olivia’s reps have not been returned as of yet.

[UPDATE] – Tao went on record at the airport to the paparazzo saying that any video out there of Olivia was not leaked by him personally and he may have had some videos and photos stolen off his phone while it was being repaired. Yeah, right like we have never heard this one before. *wink*

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