Oprah Winfrey has been recently caught up in her own celebrity sex tapes scandal according to recent reports stating that the Oprah Winfrey sex tape video is very real. These sex tapes just go to show no matter how rich and powerful you may be the past can always come back and rear its head at you.

As it goes the great and powerful Oprah has some nude footage of herself and Randoph Cook whom she dated in the 80’s. Oprah and Randoph did some major drugs back in the day as Oprah herself readily admits to doing “hard drugs and having crazy sexual experiences”. After Oprah hit the big time in television Randoph came out with the sex tape videos, stating “Yeah we did some crazy drugs and had some crazy sex in fact our sex tape videos are pretty good”. This time in the 80’s was Oprah’s skinny days and Randolph said she looked absolutely amazing in the videos. There was also some nude pictures leaked by an un-known individual claiming to be Oprah however Oprah herself said they where not her even though the pics showed an ex-boyfriend from back in the day.

Cook also tried to sue Winfrey for $20 million for allegedly blocking a tell-all book about their alleged relationship and the sex tape videos of the couples private moments.

Calls to Oprah’s reps have never been returned to us, however we are waiting for that call.

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