If you don’t know who Paulina Gretzky is you must not follow Hockey at all, as she is the oldest daughter of one of the most famous hockey players of all time Wayne Gretzky. Paulina has become somewhat famous in her own right as a socialite celebrity, known for getting into trouble and partying as hard as they come (reminds us of Paris). She has also tried her hand in the music biz and done some decent modeling… most recently being featured on the May 2014 cover of Golf Digest and now ironically engaged to PGA superstar Dustin Johnson getting ready to have a baby. The problem though is that according to recent reports on one October night back in 2012 while she was dating Jarret Stoll supposedly they made a naughty little sex tape video together after a Halloween party in LA.

The video shows Jarret and Paulina or a couple that is the spitting image of the two in their Halloween outfits partying as hard as they come, getting drunk off their asses and having a great time stumbling around and telling everyone how much they love them. lol After some time of recording the proceedings at the party and smashing more and more alcohol the video then cuts to a bathroom where a couple wearing the exact same costumes start going at it doggy style with her underwear around her ankles and skirt flipped up. We have seen the video and it is very good, as to if it is in fact Gretzky we can not say for sure as the female never turns around because she is taking it from behind the entire time. There is close ups in the video and the male actually sticks his thumb up her bum while holding the IPhone with the other. (Very hard to do if you have ever tried lol) Anyways, the video cuts off actually before you see the finish and run time only goes for about 7 minutes. But like we said we have seen the video and if it is or isn’t, the video is worth a watch to see what you think for yourself.

We have put in a call in and sent an email to the Gretzky reps but as of right now we have not heard anything back.

[UPDATE] – Some of the people that Paulina used to party with have gone on record saying that “she was absolutely a crazy wild child and would not doubt that the tape is of her from the past as she has done some “pretty wild s**t”. But she has calmed way down a lot since finding her relationship with PGA tour professional Dustin Johnson as she is madly in love with him”.

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