Pia Mia Perez or better known simply as ‘Pia Mia’ started her career as a YouTube singing sensation and quickly got picked up and started working with producer Nicholas Balding ‘Nic Nac’ and now ironically is currently in a relationship with him. However, most recently there has been talk of a sex tape that leaked of her with ex boyfriend Remy Thorne, the only problem is that she may have been underage.

Sources confirmed the tape of Mia after a leaked 18 min clip made its way round showing what appears to be Mia and Remy doing the nasty in a hotel bathroom. The video starts out harmless enough with them talking while she is putting on her makeup at which point the male that appears to be Remy comes up behind her and starts playing with her and removes her white robe while holding onto his phone at the same time recording with his other hand. The woman that appears to be Mia then turns around and is lifted up on the bathroom sink and the next thing you know they go at it for about 13 minutes. After the public watched the tape the consensus was that it was in fact Pia. We have seen the video and must say it does in fact look like her but as usual we will not confirm until we get it from the horses mouth.

This is not the first time that Pia has said to have been caught up in scandalous content as last year when hackers got all the content from the cloud Pia was one of the celebs that had some nude content along with of course 100’s of others.

[UPDATE] – On top of the video there was also some extra nude pictures of the same night the video was was said to be filmed that also appear to be Pia looking sexy for her man. Remy was asked about the content that was leaked and he said “I have no idea what you are talking about.” As they all do… he was then asked if he was the one that leaked the footage being talked about and he replied that “I would never do something like that to Pia.” Pretty much the same old same that is always said by the male half.