Ok, things just went from bad to worse for the Royal son Prince Harry as according to recent reports the girls that where parting with the Prince set his ass up in a big way recording the entire Prince Harry sex tape video! One of the girls was able to sneak in an IPhone that collected not only photos of the night that we have all seen, but also video of Prince Harry having sex with one of the girls in the bathroom. So this would turn out to be the first ever ROYAL celebrity sex tape video ever leaked!

The department that handles the royal family affairs are frantically scrambling trying to snatch the sex tape videos before they are leaked to the internet for public view. Even going so far as sending representatives to Las Vegas searching for everyone that stepped foot in Prince Harry’s hotel room at the Wynn Resort.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas has also now dumped his royal ass saying: “I am deeply surprised and totally humiliated by what has taken place and I will not stand by his side any longer” OUCH!

[UPDATE] – The video that appears to be Prince Harry in the bathroom with the chick from Las Vegas has hit the net and users are split as to if it is indeed the Prince or not as he never turns around.