R Kelly really screwed up this time for sure making a sex tape with an un-named young black female as the R Kelly Sex Tape Video features a girl that was said to be under 18 even though she informed the rapper that she was of age. Oops!

The R Kelly sex tape video takes place in what looks to be a really nice spa. The female took care of R Kelly like she was a seasoned pro, doing basically whatever he wanted her to do however, we really think that if R-Kelly continues to go after little girls he better start carding them at the door before he gets another one under age. The big question was is there a golden shower and yes the rumors are true… he does like to pee on bitches. LOL!

Calls to R Kelly’s reps have not been returned… however, after all the court stuff he went through about the situation we are betting he is happy as s**t he did not end up in jail for rape. His attorneys did a good job of proving the girl told him that she was over 18 and the fact that she was out at 3am did not help her situation either.

[UPDATE] – Another woman has come forward and leaked what is said to be R Kelly having sex with her in a LA hotel room and this video is much more dirty than the original with a run time of about 30min. She had tried to sell the video to no avail and then finally released the video after everyone thought she was lying.

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