Known as “The Sexy Noxzema Girl” Rebecca Gayheart is one of the participants that was in the sex tapes with former Miss Teen USA contestant Kari Ann Peniche & husband Eric Dane creating the swinger Rebecca Grayheart sex tape video with her husband Eric Dane.

In the video as we have said before the couple was at Kari Ann’s and a day of good drugs and good sex was going to happen regardless of who was there. The sex tapes show the former Teen USA Kari and Rebecca go at it for a long time, almost the entire time however Eric gets to throw his willy in there every so often too.

There was also some personal video leak without Kari Ann where Rebecca has Eric all to her self for about 30min and is pretty damn good to say the least. Rebecca starts out blowing Eric then turns around and sticks her butt in the air letting him pretty much do whatever he wants to do all on a what they thought was a private nude beach, however paparazzi was of course in the area and filmed the entire video. Nice!

Calls to Rebecca’s reps have been un-returned though all 3 participants in the group have claimed the videos are real and non of them talk down about the videos at any time usually saying we are all good friends, “we where then and still hang out today”.