American actress and singer most widely known for her roles in TV sitcoms like Still Standing and The Secret Life of the American Teenager has been caught up in the all new Renee Olstead sex tape video scandal.

The video was said to have been stolen from a hacker named Christopher Chaney who was also involved in the leak of the Scarlett Johansson exposed content and is now sitting in prison for his actions. After getting all the exposed content Christopher leaked still images of the videos to the public and later is said to have leaked the actual entire video after he did not get what he was looking for from the videos. Run time is said to be approx 8 min showing Renee with her cell phone recording a very nice masturbation scene that was said to have been filmed for her then boyfriend. According to reports she films the entire time from start to finish and is very sensual with the best part of the video and most talked about is where she is shaking like she is nude at the south pole as she hits her peak.

Calls to Renee’s reps have not been returned though with her admitting to top media sites already like TMZ, CNN and Huffington Post that the exposed content is indeed of her and a very “private moment” and the fact that the FBI is now involved in her scandal along with Scarlett… we can safely say that she definitely does have some exposed footage out there and seems to be the real deal.

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