American actress and producer most well known for her roles on hit movies like Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones’s Diary has been busted in recent reports of the Renee Zellweger sex tape video that can be simply summed up as amazing!

The sex tapes where said to have been filmed in 2003 with White Stripes lead singer Jack White as the man behind the camera with a run time of around 45min featuring Renee completely naked walking into the room and proceeds to orally please Jack while he was messing with a new camcorder he had just gotten. Of course once started the video catches the couples entire 45min sexual encounter that ends with them both laughing and having some laughs over leaking the video. Jack says: “man my friends are going to love this movie” and Renee then says… “Do you want to die” *laughing*

The craziest thing about hearing about this video was when we heard it was Jack, as Meg White the drummer of the White Stripes has a verified sex tape of her own that we had reported about a while ago and of course she also in the beginning denied the video was real until finally admitting it was the real deal a long time later. LOL

Calls to Renee’s reps have not been returned however with all the sex tapes coming from the band White Stripes members, well we have no doubt about the videos authenticity… simply going off of all the info received on this scandal to date that add up.

[UPDATE] – Renee finally commented on the videos saying: “If he (Jack) did leaked any private videos of us, I am going to kick his ass”. Well there we go finally!!!!

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