Ok guys and girls you can start salivating according to sources the Ricky Martin sex tape video is the real deal and is one of only a handful of gay male celebrity sex tapes.

The video was said to have been filmed in 2008 with a still to this day un-known male partner that we might add is hung like a donkey. In the video Ricky and the man are at a party with men only as we could see, then the couple hits the bedroom and suck each other off and get some anal loving for about 20min or so. We believe they where both un-aware the camera was rolling as the shot in the room is from up in a corner and never moves… that sounds like a complete set up to us. No one ever claimed as to be the person that filmed the video, it was just all of a sudden available.

Calls to Ricky’s reps have never been returned, even after we left about 20 messages. He was also recently asked about the sex tapes by paparazzi and just looked at them all f**ked up… ok we can take a hint, Ricky does not want to talk about the videos ;)

[UPDATE] – Another man leaked his videos of what is said to be himself Robert Edwards with Ricky over a several month private relationship in 2010. The man said that he recorded several of the videos himself on his cell phone and Ricky knew about it. We are not sure either way but damn Ricky talk about shake your bomb bomb.