Reports surfaced in 2011 that r&b hip hop singer Rihanna had made a nude full celebrity sex tape porn video with rapper J. Cole and the video was now up for sale featuring the couple getting down and dirty for about 15min after they had attended a party together and got sauced. As we know Rihanna is not new to scandal as she also had nude exposed content of her and Chris Brown that was verified the real deal and there was also talks that the two of them had made tapes of themselves as well.

An anonymous source told Media Take Out most recently that he had obtained the alleged sex tape of Rihanna and Cole sending screen shots to several websites, which showed a woman with bright red hair, the exact kind Rihanna has been rocking at the time… getting busy with a man who was the spitting image of J Cole. Grainy screen shots are definitely cause to cast some doubts on just how real the tape might be, but adult entertainment company Hustler Inc. went on record confirming they have the sex tape featuring the two super performers in their possession and will be launching the video to the net after all legal issues have been “worked out”. The two were on tour together earlier this year and media reports that the rapper did lose his cellphone, Rihanna immediately took to Twitter to deny the tape exists as expected since she still loves Chris Brown. Personally we here at SexTape.com have always prided ourselves on show us the money, so until we see it for ourselves, unfortunately we would have to say it does not exist as of yet. However as we all know to well is that RiRi is definitely not camera shy, so the chances are increasing!

Rihanna’s management has been contacted on the Rihanna sex tape video and said “We are declining comment at this time and ask for privacy in the matter” Don’t they all in the beginning though?! We will definitely being watching this one real close and as soon as we hear anything solid we will of course let you guys know. ;)

[UPDATE] – Rihanna was asked by paparazzi about all the nude pictures and video that has been making rounds of her and she replied: “Shit happens.” Short, sweet and straight to the point, just how we like it!

[UPDATE] – Not that it is news now but more leaked nude content of Rihanna hit the net this week showing the hip hop super star in some very naughty positions. Leaked nude content of Rihanna now seems to happen damn near every week, keep em’ coming Rihanna we love you!

[UPDATE] – Several people were recently at at Manchester’s Zouk Bar & Restaurant including Rihanna and Drake when all of a sudden RiRi got up with Drake and went in the same bathroom and told a customer to get the f**k out please. Then the two supposedly went at it like a couple rabbits as Drake exited the bathroom looking a bit flush (haha!) and shortly there after comes Rihanna adjusting her stuff. This was all caught on tape by not one but two customers at the restaurant. Awesome!

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