British singer and actress Rita Ora is all the talk in the UK over a new video that is said to be her best, but it is not a music video it is the Rita Ora sex tape video! According to reports the video is said to be of Rita when she was only 19 (now 24) when she was supposed to be with Bruno Mars, however the man in the video is not Bruno as we can tell.

The tape shows what is said to be Rita lock lipped with the male in the video in a loft getting their drink on and then the video cuts out and back on in the bathroom where the sexual encounter happens. You can see the female in the video lift her leg up on the bathtub while the male goes in from behind grabbing and pulling at her ass checks while he pumps away frivolously. There is a lot of moaning and dirty talk with a run time of around 10 minutes (8 of those is foreplay lol). The best part is where the dude drops the phone and you can see the upside of the video as he does not stop to pick the cell phone back up and just finishes with the phone on the floor.

Rita was asked about the tape and she replied: “I was very sexual when I was younger and did make some videos with a few men but I never gave anyone permission to post any of my private videos to the internet.” Well, honey no celeb ever does. ;)

We did a little search for Rita to see what else we could find and you can not believe the amount of fake bulls**t there is on the web with her face photo shopped on bodies, it was insane. Guess she is kind of a popular one with the boys. So be warned of bull s**t sites as there seems to be a lot of them trying to pass off bulls**t of Rita to the public. We also found that a lot of her ex-lovers talk about how good she is in bed from sites like the Mirror, Daily Mail and X17 etc. etc. and from what we could see in the video they ain’t lying.

[UPDATE] – Good friend of Rita, Iggy Azalea was recently asked about the Rita scandal and she replied: “I am still dealing with my own s**t right now, but I am sure Rita will clear up the rumors.” That’s for sure as from what we heard Iggy paid a pretty sum for Hefe and his tapes of Iggy to go away.

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