Uh Oh… Rob Lowe made a swinger sex tape with what is said to be some very young girls actually according to reports the girls in the Rob Lowe sex tape video are not of age, actually one of them was confirmed to only be 16 at the time of filming.

The Rob Lowe sex tape video shows Rob and some other dude take on a few hot chicks that love that A-List star pecker. This video was filmed in the 80’s so the quality is not the best, however you will not be disappointed if you are any kind of a Rob Lowe fan. The two girls are all over the guys and do not act like they may be underage, they seem to really know what they are doing and not hesitating at all during the entire video. The part where Lowe and his guy friend do the high five is pretty funny and the girls loved the entire thing… Ah to be a sexy Hollywood celebrity!

Rob Lowe was almost charged with statuary rape though the girl indeed told the authorities she was over 18, so the judge ended up throwing everything out.

Calls to Lowe’s reps have been returned… “The video in question is real and does feature Rob but he was told by both girls they where over 18, he feels extremely horrible for the entire situation.” If I was him I would feel lucky as s**t he did not do 10-20 in prison.