Australian born model, DJ, actress, host, recording artist and overall bad ass Ruby Rose has known she was gay since she was 12 years old and now according to reports she shows how a real lesbian gets down with a supposed sex tape of Ruby and her ex lover supermodel Catherine McNeil. Ruby had became more of a famous household name in the states after her appearance on the hit series “Orange Is the New Black” but we believe if the gossip is true she could be one of the best selling gay sex tapes out there. I mean come on two hot female models going at it, does it get better than that?!

According to the reports the video features Ruby who we all know is the “male” half of the relationship going to town “downstairs” on Cathrine. There is a lot of kissing and the video is very sensual not your normal hardcore sex tape but more of a incredibly sexy make out session. Cathrine then starts shaking like a leaf and then finally Ruby comes up for air. The couple then continue to cuddle and rub each others girly parts. Then sources say after both of them look as though to be completely satisfied and stop all the shaking and moaning they kiss very passionately and Ruby gets up and turns off the camera.

[UPDATE] – There is new video of what is said to be Ruby a while back in a scene with another woman having sex with each other done in a professional setting and we have seen the video (damn good to we might add). Ruby has changed her looks several times over the years and yes the video in our opinion does look very much like Ruby back when she had her long blonde hair. The tape is very good and you get to see it all even with some nice toys and run time is about 30 full minutes of hot sweaty girl on girl smoking hot lesbian sex. This kind of reminds us of back when Tila Tequila did her 3 way girl on girl on girl sex tapes and then sold them to Vivid. Ah… the memories!

[UPDATE] – Ruby was asked by reporters about any sex tapes she has filmed with her significant others and she replied “Who doesn’t record themselves having sex nowadays?!” Oh, this is our kind of celeb, girl power!

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