Rush Limbaugh the radio host everyone loves to hate has been caught up in his very own celebrity sex tape video scandal with a couple hookers and in the Rush Limbaugh sex tape video the hookers are well taken care of. It is a well known fact that Rush has had a major battle with addiction and now we can add sex addiction to the list as according to sources Rush Limbaugh was set up by the hookers.

According to private sources in 2002 Rush had a binge night of hardcore drugs and sex with a couple high class hookers. The video was recorded by the hookers and then shopped around to some major adult production companies, however the video was said to leak before a deal could be reached.

We are not really sure we want to see this sex tape as the video will more than likely be kinda gross, but hell we report any/all celebrity sex tape news and there ya go!

[UPDATE] – Rush went on the record saying that he had no idea about the videos and that back in the day there where many times he could not even remember his own name let alone what had happened the night before, though he had no recollection of the night in question.