More yum yum from the Playboy Mansion featuring host Ryan Seacrest and a very possible Ryan Seacrest sex tape video with some beauties that has been confirmed by the seller.

It all went down around April 14th 2009 when Ryan was at the Playboy Mansion for a night of fun with Hurry Date that helps connect singles. Ryan was said by sources to “disappear” with a couple extra hotties for about 1hr and could not be located. After Seacrest re-appeared he was asked where he was for some toasting and said he got lost. LOL

Well, a few days later a un-known female came forward claiming she had video of the host with a couple girls doing the wild thing in the famous grotto. When asked how she was able to get video recording device in the grotto, she said that she had her phone in her bathing suite.

For years now people are saying that Ryan is gay… he may be but according to this video, he likes women very much as you can see.

Calls to Ryan’s reps have to date gone un-returned, but he has said that he loves going to parties at the mansion… Yeah we bet!