Salma Hayek has been caught up in a celebrity sex tape video scandal with billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault after being just married on Valentines Day in Paris 2009 and then making the first ever Salma Hayek sex tape video for our viewing pleasure.

The video according to recent scandal reports features Salma and Francois making love on a giant couch with alcohol and candles everywhere. In the video Francois does not seem to be much of a catch as he looks to be out for his jolly only, however Salma is a giver the entire time doing anything he ask her to do. The video run time is about 15 minutes from start to finish and Salma still denies the video is of her and now ex-husband, however the resemblance is just to close to tell, especially with both of them in the same video at the same time says reports.

Salma is one of our favorite celebs after being featured in movies like Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn and Fools Rush In just to name a few. So if you are a Salma fan like we are and well… most men in America this is a must see sex tape for sure!

Calls to both Salma and Francois reps have gone UN-returned thus far.

[UPDATE] – We were contacted by an anonymous source that claimed and showed us some video of a very young looking Hayek… we are talking like teens. He is saying that he used to be neighbors with Salma and would like to remain anonymous on the entire deal. You can check it out for yourself we are not going to say if it is her either way as we can not tell, but the girl does look like a very young Salma for sure.

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