American actress, producer and Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock best known for her roles in blockbuster movies like Speed, Miss Congeniality and The Blind Side has been caught up according to reports in the Sandra Bullock sex tape video featuring her ex cheating sex addicted man Jesse James.

The video was said to be shot sometime in 2008-2012 with a run time of 13min and features the couple having sex at Jesse James shop recorded on what appears to be his own personal cell phone. It seems as though this was a quickie non planned sexual encounter as they are trying to be quite and quick the entire time recording sex on a couch in Jesse’s office finished off by a not so bad bj from what appears to be Sandra. The funniest thing about the video is at the end she says laughing: “I better not end up the next Kim or Paris”. LOL

Calls to Sandra’s reps have not been returned however she has stated many times to reporters that “I loved Jesse very much and would have done just about anything to keep him faithful to me.” That was as we all know by now an impossibility. ;)

[UPDATE] – Another video of what is said to be Sandra and Tate Donovan is now available showing the couple in the video at a local very expensive looking motel in LA filmed sometime in 1993. The video quality at best is reported to be poor and run time is only 6min. However for all fans of Sandra it is considered a must see.