Holy crap!… the sex tape we have all been waiting for from one of the verified sexiest women in the world according to several sources will be known as the Scarlett Johansson sex tape video and the content has officially hit the net in a big way! Well, maybe. lol… Scarlett who is known for her roles in several Hollywood blockbusters had a email account hacked and this is where the recent sex tape videos and nude photo scandal came to light.

The video is said to show Scarlett and a still un-known male (oh please let is be Ryan Reynolds!) going at it like a couple fat kids at a cake party doing just about everything in the book with each other (no anal, sorry). This was very big headlines as Christopher Chaney the man that stole the exposed celeb content meant only for Scarlett’s ex-husband Ryan Reynolds has according to the FBI also leaked several other celebrities nude content and will no doubt be sentence to do some jail time for his “crimes”. Now we have seen the tape in question and can say with great authority that we are unsure if it is Scarlett or not as you never get a real head shot by either person in the tape and we all know by now that several sites like xvideos fake videos and claim to be the real deal all the damn time, but the photos are verified 100% real!

Scarlett’s reps have been contacted and Scarlett herself replied that: “I don’t want to be a victim and say, ‘Oh, well’ and just hide my head in total shame. Somebody stole something very personal from me….It’s just sick and twisted”. See this is why we keep telling famous celebrities to guard your nude photos and videos closely as you never know who is creeping around the corner waiting to steal the content and leak it.

[UPDATE] – Christopher Chaney the individual that stole the nude content in question from several celebrities has been sentenced to prison to over 3 years and fined over 66k in restitution. Damn! 3 years for leaking some nude content of Scarlett Johansson… He was asked in court if it was worth it and he said “no sir your honor I am so very sorry for what I did and take full responsibility” Yeah we bet you do as you got 2 years off your sentence for admitting guilt. We got ya *wink*

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