American musician, singer-songwriter, philanthropist and the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Creed has been busted of course getting down and dirty with some groupies on a tour bus creating the Scott Stapp sex tape video.

In the video you can clearly see Scott Stapp with rocker Kid Rock receiving blowjob’s from groupies just wanting to have their time with the superstar rock stars and was all filmed in 1999 with a run time of about 45 min. There is about 10-15 girls (we lost count, lol) all taking turns sucking famous celeb rocker cock. The crazy thing about these sex tapes is that Scott has only been with Hillaree Burns for a little over a year or so now but from the looks of these videos, he is not getting what he wants from home we guess.

Calls to Scott’s reps have not been returned however he told local media sources: “I do not believe oral sex was actual sex. Stapp also says he and Kid Rock have not spoken since the sex tapes became public.”

[UPDATE] – Remember Scott saying oral sex is not sex thus not a sex tape? Well reports have now surfaced that in fact he did have sex that night and there is even more video to prove that as well. Never lie about sex tapes as if it is on video anywhere sooner or later it will hit the net. ;)

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