Sean Combs Sex Tape Video just became the real deal according to local New York reports.

An un-named young girl came forward and said that herself and the Bad Boy Records owner Sean AKA Puff Daddy, Diddy and P. Diddy had sex on tape after a bash night party in New York. In the beginning of the video there is no doubt at all that it is in fact Sean as you can see biggie in the background at the party. Later in the video the Diddy and the girl are butt ass naked in a bedroom somewhere having sex while Sean himself recorded the entire thing on his cell phone.

We all know Puffy has a big reputation for throwing parties, some of which attracted upwards of thousand participants and to be honest we are surprised there is not even more of these videos out there as he is known to be a bit of a player himself. We all know about his “White Parties” LOL as supposedly there is also a video of Paris Hilton the sex tape queen and Sean getting down and dirty together back in the day that leaked in 2008.

Calls to management for comment have gone with no reply.