Recent rumors have been flying on the internet about a naughty video of the young celebrity power couple Selena Gomez and teen idol Justin Bieber both of whom we might add claim to be virgins at the time of the scandal caught on camera according to MediaTakeOut. The full sex tape porn video of Selena Gomez has fans of both Selena and Justin going crazy, as they should, but not so fast, let’s get into this gossip.

The sex tape shows the couple kissing passionately in the ocean then outside in some bath robes for about 3 minutes or so then they start getting all hot and bothered and proceeding to the bedroom making out hardcore. The video was filmed from a distance with very high quality recording equipment. Reports state that this can be considered very tame for a celebrity sex tape however you do see them basically masturbating each other off and, well Bieber does not last long at all, but hell at that age with Selena who would? The video run time total is about 8 minutes and half of that is them smooching on each other, take a look for yourself and see if you can tell they are pleasuring each other (we believe they are).

Calls have been made to both Selena Gomez and Justin Biebers management team however we have not had any calls back as to yes or no as they are tied up more with their recent relationship problems as Selena has turned Bieber away from her house a few times now. How many men here would kill to be with Selina? LOL! Yeah us to ;)

[UPDATE] – New video is said to be going around of Selena and Justin Bieber that was supposedly shared by Justin to a couple of his “homeboys” and then somehow miraculously hit the web. We have not seen the video yet but the entire article was started by Celeb Jihad so you need to take this information with a grain of salt as that site is know to make up stories and even Photoshop fake pics like they did with Taylor Swift. The only problem with all that is that Taylor Swift then sues them and they get links from all the popular news sites yet making a site that does nothing but fabricate stories even stronger in the serps.

[UPDATE] – The same hackers that have attacked so many celebs like Kim, Miley, Taylor, Rihanna etc. etc. has struck again and this time according to Huffington Post… Selena Gomez was indeed one of the victims that had a bunch of nude photos and possibly video leak that shows her and Justin Bieber in “compromising positions”. Now, we are HUGE Selena fans and hope they are all legit, this is one story we will be following super close.

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