A top Croatian pop star Severina Vuckovic appealed to the public on Wednesday to return or destroy private pictures of her enjoying very much a lusty sex tape which appeared on the Internet this week found simply filed under the Severina Vuckovic sex tape video .

The Severina Vuckovic sex tape video features Severina well knowing that she was being videoed and loving every minute of it. We must say as far as being sexy in her sex tapes Severina takes the cake and then some for being nasty about the entire thing. The video run time is about 18min long featuring Severina taking care of Bosnian Croat businessman Milan Lucic who we might add was married to another woman at the time.

Once again a celebrity has tried to sue the individual responsible for leaking the sex tapes though as usual the judge threw the law suite right out the window and said if you are a celebrity and you film yourself having sex with a married man… it is no ones fault but your own for the video ending up going public. This was all bad news for Severina as the 32-year-old had previously been an icon of righteous and religious modesty. Amen!

Calls to Severina have gone un-returned though we already know the entire story from all the legal documents of her trying to ban the video to no avail.

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