You asked for it, so we got it… Here is the latest on the Shakira full sex tape porn video that has been said to recently leak to the internet and is driving Shakira fans everywhere absolutely crazy.

Supposedly Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll or better known as just Shakira was in Cancun Mexico and had a fling with some beach stud after drinking all day at the pool in the Marriott. The video features a little bit of everything you can imagine and is pretty good quality for a homemade sex tape video and for those of you that do not speak any spanish, you will not understand a word she says in the video, but hell who needs to understand anything when you are looking at Shakira nude right?! Shakira still denies the sex video is of her, however the public seems to think that it is her hands down… We will let you be the judge ;)

Calls to Shakira’s reps have not been returned to comment on the videos as we assumed, however when asked about it by reporters where talking with her she said: “I was drunk that night and still not sure how all that happened and ask for your privacy in the matter, I also can’t believe that someone so trusted by my side would have leaked the video to the net.”

[UPDATE] – Spanish news outlet Diario Vasco is saying that Shakira and husband Gerard Pique are allegedly being blackmailed over a sex tape by an ex-worker saying he has a tape of the couple engaging in sexual acts. The only problem is that if the source is found guilty in Spain of blackmail and extortion he/she could expect up to FIVE years in jail. This would be the reason for the unknown employee to just leak the footage to the net anonymously.