Former fashion model Sharon Stone is well known for the beaver shot in her actress role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct and now she is also known for the Sharon Stone sex tape video that was supposedly filmed back in 1994.

Story goes… Stone met William J. MacDonald AKA “Bill MacDonald” on the set of the film “Sliver”, MacDonald left his wife Naomi Baca for Stone and became engaged to her. During the time together a sex tape filmed on a VHS camcorder caught one of the couples most crazy nights of passion for about 40min starting out in the bedroom and finishing off in the bathroom shower. The couple separated one year later in 1994 then the sex-video hit the net in early 2000 and fans of Sharon Stone or the beaver shot of Basic Instinct went absolutely nuts trying to watch the wild video.

Later, more confirmed rumors surfaced of Stone with another female caught but ass naked licking and want not in a Beverly Hills motel that was not only caught by security but also surveillance cameras as they where not completely out of the camera views. After this scandal hit Sharon came out saying that indeed she is bi-sexual and feels that is just fine by her.

Calls to Sharon’s reps confirmed that “yes she does have some sex tapes floating around and yes she is bi-sexual” Well there we go straight from the horses mouth, we love honesty!

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