Shaun White Sex Tape Video

American professional stud snowboarder, skateboarder, surfer, actor and two time Olympic gold medalist Shaun Roger White has been caught up in the Shaun White sex tape video with one hot ass young blonde groupie.

As we all know by now Shawn White is extremely well known for his magical skill in the snow and ability to hook up with some of the most epic women on the planet. Shaun also loves to drink and during a party in LA he was caught on a IPhone video recorder having sex butt naked outside on the balcony and even though he was being recorded as he looks directly into the phone never misses a beat like a real Olympian. The video run time is about 8min long and shows everything from him running around half nude to finally having sex with the stunning blonde on the balcony with more beer right by his side. Shaun even takes a few drinks while the girl is riding his ass laughing about it the entire time.

Soon after the tapes where filmed still images of the encounter hit the net and where immediately verified by Shaun’s reps that yes in fact the images do show Shaun and we are looking into what to do by our legal team.

[UPDATE] – Yet again Shaun can not keep his pants on and was busted drunk as a skunk running around a local motel, finally was tackled by one of the guest of the hotel. There was no naked women around this time to make another sex tape though. LOL